We wanted to let you know that a production release will be performed tonight and the following items will be migrated to LoanPASS:

  • Rate Sheet Settings - Currently, the settings window allows for three types of rate sheet column data; Interest Rate, Lock Period, and Price. A new "Extra Columns" field will be added, allowing users to select up to five extra columns for more advanced rate sheet configuration. Additionally, a rate/price table preview will be included in this window.
  • Pricing Profiles - Users will be able to reference pricing profiles when creating data tables and calculations.
  • Price a Loan - This page is currently titled "Loan Testing" for Admin users and "Price a Loan" for all others. This will be changed to "Price a Loan" for all users.
  • Export Scenario to PDF - When exporting a rejected loan scenario to PDF, the rejection reason text will be displayed.
  • Miscellaneous - Various back-end enhancements will be released.
  • Release Notes! - A new "Release Notes" link will be listed in the main menu. Selecting this option will advance users to our new LoanPASS blog site! This site contains past and current release notes, news & updates regarding LoanPASS, and helpful tips & resources for all types of users. Instructional videos and "How to" documents will be coming soon!

Thank you for your patience as the LoanPASS team is working to improve your product experience.