We wanted to let you know that a production release will be performed tonight and following items will be migrated to LoanPASS:

  • Search & Filter Functionality - The search field found throughout LoanPASS will be enhanced to allow quotations to be used around words or phrases for more granular search results. A hyphen with a quoted word/phrase can be used to remove verbiage from a search. These features can also be used in combination, for example:
  1. "VA Purchase" would search for that phrase including the space between the two words.
  2. -"VA" would remove any search results containing VA.
  3. -"2nd Home" "Jumbo" would return any results with Jumbo but not 2nd Home.
  • Miscellaneous - Various back-end enhancements will be released.

Thank you for your patience as the LoanPASS team is working to improve your product experience.