We wanted to let you know that a production release will be performed tonight and the following items will be migrated to LoanPASS:

  • Field Library - When making a field conditional upon another field, the enumerations in the Condition Type field have been changed to Is Blank, Is Not Blank, Is One Of, Is Not One Of.
  • Export to PDF - This feature has been modified so that Application Form fields in the Price a Loan screen are listed in identical order when exporting to a PDF.
  • Landing Page - Previously when logging into LoanPASS, users would land on the Products page. Now all users will be immediately directed to the Price a Loan/Loan Testing page.
  • Miscellaneous - Back-end enhancements will also be released.

There will be no need to log-out of LoanPASS, but you may experience some minor latency.

System Maintenance:

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM CST, LoanPASS will be shut down for approximately three hours so that our engineering team may conduct various system updates.

Thank you for your patience as the LoanPASS team is working to improve your product experience.