Training videos and documents on LoanPass, Pricing and Comparing Loans, Users, Roles, Pricing Profiles, Rate Sheets, Rules, Data Tables, and Calculations.

Pricing and Comparing Loans

Intro to Price a Loan Page
This video is an overview of the Price a Loan page. It covers application fields, defaulted fields, dependent fields, custom & global scenarios, product deta...
Compare Feature
The Compare feature allows you to compare multiple products and/or multiple scenarios with the same product.
Custom and Global Scenarios
You can save application form inputs to a Custom Scenario and share that scenario with other LoanPass users by making it a Global Scenario. You can edit a Sc...
How To Create Application Form Defaults
Admin users have the ability to create Application Form field defaults for each role. By defaulting field inputs, this limits the amount of data entry required when searching for product & pricing eligibility. This is done in a few short steps. 1. In your application menu, select the Roles op…

Contact Support

Contact Support Page
This ticket goes over the basics of how to submit a Jira Support Ticket to LoanPASS.

Data Tables

Data Tables Part 1 - Creating a Data Table
Creating a data table within LoanPASS.
Data Tables Part 2 - Data Table Data Types
Reviewing the format and different data types within the Data Tables section of LoanPASS
Data Tables Part 3 - Editing and Deleting a Data Table
How to edit and delete a data table within LoanPASS.


Rules Part 1 - Overview
Overview of Rule Category, Action Type, Description, Associated Products
Rules Part 2 - Data Types
This video covers how to reference each data type within a LoanPASS rule.
Rules Part 3 - ANY and ALL Groups
This video goes over the ANY and ALL groupings in LoanPASS rules.
Rules Part 4 - Full Examples
This video covers full examples of each LoanPASS rule category as well as what they do on the Price a Loan Page.
Rules Part 5 - Rules and Data Tables
This video covers how to connect rules to data tables within LoanPASS.
Rules Part 6 - Edit and Delete
LoanPASS Rules - How to Edit and Delete a rule along with other editing functionality.
Rules Part 7 - Debugging
This video goes over a couple common errors that can happen when configuring LoanPASS rules.
Rules Misc - State Licensing
This video goes over how to reject certain states within LoanPASS rules either by using multiple conditions or connecting a data table to a calculation data ...
How To Create Dynamic Field Values in Rules
Pull dynamic values from the Application Form, Field Library & Calculations into a rule.


Setting up Pipeline
Admin training on how to initially set up Pipeline in your tenant. You must configure which fields you want on your pipeline records in the Field Library, un...


Roles Part 1 - Permissions
This video covers how to add a role and give it page permissions within LoanPASS.
Roles Part 2 - Default Values
This video covers how to set default values by role for the Application Form Field section of the Price a Loan page within LoanPASS.
Roles Part 3 - Hiding Fields
This video covers how to hide Products Specification fields and Calculated field values from different roles within LoanPASS.
Roles Part 4 - Copy and Delete
This video covers how to copy and delete a role from LoanPASS.


Users Part 1 - Adding a New User
This video covers how to create a new user and how the email invite works within LoanPASS.
Users Part 2 - Edit and Delete
This video covers how to edit different attributes of a users as well as how to delete a user from LoanPASS.

Rate Sheets

Rate Sheets Part 1 - Upload and Download
This video covers how to setup a custom rate sheet to upload into LoanPASS and a few different product setups. It also explains how rate sheets affect versio...
Rate Sheets Part 2 - Settings
This video covers the Rate Sheet Settings options on the Rate Sheets page within LoanPASS.


Calculations Part 1 - Engine Execution Order
This video covers the sequential process LoanPASS goes through to arrive at a final result on the Price a Loan page.
Calculations Part 2 - Data Types
This video covers how to reference different data types within LoanPASS calculations. Referencing fields and creating calculations will be covered in a diffe...
Calculations Part 3 - Functions
This video covers the most commonly used functions within LoanPASS calculations and how they work.
Calculations Part 4 - Overview
This video covers features regarding LoanPASS Calculations. This includes calculations order, the show references button, and how to edit and delete calculat...
Calculations Part 5 - Data Tables
This video covers how to connect a data table to a data table lookup in the calculations section of LoanPASS as well as how to handle blank values and other ...